MS03 – GPS Tracking Software

$50.00 / year

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Product Information

The MS03, third-generation Meitrack GPS Tracking System, is a server-based online positioning tracking platform. You can monitor vehicles, people and objects equipped with trackers in real time on web pages giving you access to the best in remote management.
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  • Account control management – Create and manage accounts for your customers or members without limits.
  • Multi-screen monitoring – View tracker’s location from your PC, laptop, or mobile phone.




With MS03 and our trackers, you can track vehicles or other objects with real-time location information.


You can view tracker’s historical information. Reports and alarm information are available for statistics and analysis.


You can create and manage accounts for your customers, and quickly start tracking business at a low investment. 



  • Reports
  • Event report
  • Event statistics
  • Historical data
  • Speed curve
  • Speed pie
  • Parking report
  • Travel report
  • Mileage statistics
  • Sensor report
  • Sensor average
  • Photo report
  • Scheduling screen upload info
  • Driver IO status record
  • Maintenance report
  • Statistics report
  • Transfer credit reports
  • User operation record


  • Account & Tracker
  • Parameter settings
  • Car info
  • RFID card
  • Polygon geo-fence binding
  • Polygon geo-fence
  • LED settings
  • Fuel sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Customize
  • Alarm contact
  • Driver info
  • Sending command
  • Online upgrade