Boat and Jetskis

Boat and Jetskis

83 percent of Australian's live within 50km of the coast, meaning many of us enjoy our water sports. Boats and Jetski's are particularly difficult to protect due to their ease of portability, the high demand for parts and poor identification. Tracking mate has multiple tracking solutions to make sure you can continue to have fun. Our trackers are robust in design and selected trackers have an IP rating of 65 or higher, making them ideal for vast range of marine vehicles. 

“Receive notifications when your boat or jetski is being towed, or leave a pre-set geo fence”


How does it work?

Boat and Jetski GPS Tracking


GPS Vehicle TrackingGeo Fencing - Know when your boat or jetski is leaving its designated location or if they're entering a no-go zone.

GPS Vehicle TrackingSpeed Alerts - Get instant emails and/or push notifications when your boat or jetski speeds, with information on location and speed details.

GPS Vehicle TrackingRoute Replay - See the exact route of your boat or jetski on our smart phone application or web platform. You can also trace the past 6 months history.  

GPS Vehicle TrackingCost Saving (Maintenance) - Preserve your  battery life and monitor distance travelled

GPS Vehicle TrackingReal-Time Tracking - Looking at the vessel travel live on the map and giving more insights in to the safety of the vessel and its driver.

Boats and Jetskis

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 “Receive notifications when your boat or jetski is being towed, or leaves a pre-set geo fence