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Each year 8000 Motorcycle are stolen in Australia. Owners of on and off-road motorbikes, all terrain vehicles, scooters and mini bikes are falling victim to the crime every day. Motorcycles are particularly difficult to protect due to their ease of portability, the high demand for parts and poor identification. However, whether it’s for recreational use or your primary means of transport Tracking Mate has a tracking solution to suit your individual needs.

Why is a Tracking Mate solution vital?

  • Despite accounting for just 4 per cent of registrations, motorcycle thefts now amount to 1 in 6 of all stolen vehicles in Australia.
  • Newer model motorcycles are more often the target of theft with 1 in 4 stolen less than four years of age.
  • Sales of on-road motorcycles have been steadily increasing over the last five years, where sales of scooters and off-road bikes have fallen. Despite this scooters make up the highest proportion of thefts, followed by off-road dirt bikes.
  • 2 in 3 motorcycles are stolen from the home.
  • 1 in 6 motorcycle theft victims have previously been a victim of theft.
  • Over half of motorcycles stolen are not recovered.

** Stats from National Motor vehicle Theft Reduction Council

How does it work?

Motorbike GPS Tracking


GPS Vehicle TrackingReal-Time Tracking - Looking at the motorcycle travel live on the map and giving more insights in to the safety of the rider.

GPS Vehicle TrackingSpeed Alerts - Get instant emails and/or push notifications when the motorcycle speeds with information on location and speed details.

GPS Vehicle TrackingSafety (Geo Fencing) - Know when your motorcycle is leaving its designated location or if the motorcycle is entering a no-go Zone

GPS Vehicle TrackingRoute Replay - See the exact route of the motorvehicle on oursmart phone application or web platform. You can also trace the past 6 months history.

GPS Vehicle TrackingCost Saving (Maintenance) - Preserve your  battery life and monitor distance travelled


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 “Receive notifications when your Motorbike is being towed, or leaves a pre-set geo fence